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Safety Rules:

  1. All participants must be at least 12 years of age, and be able to show proof of a hunter safety course from their state residence.
  2. All participants must wear high visibility blaze orange or green vest.
  3. 12 gauge shot guns will shoot no more than 2 ¾ inch shells containing no shot larger #5 20 gauge shotguns will be allowed to shoot 3 inch shells containing no shot larger #5.
  4. Safety is the responsibility of the participant at all times unsafe handling of a firearm or inappropriate behavior will be grounds for disqualification without refund of entry fees or any other compensation.

Hunt rules:

1) Hunt Rules: 5 BIRDS - 25 MINUTES

Scoring will be as follows.
A.) 20 points for each bird on the bag. (maximum of 100 points)
B.) 10 points for each point or flush. (maximum of 50 points)
C.) 10 points for each retrieve. (maximum of 50 points)
D.) 5 points for each shells remaining. (maximum of 25 points)
C.) 2 points for each minute of time not use.


2.) Singles Pointing / Singles Flushing Dog event 1 Hunter, 1 Dog, 3 Birds - 15 minutes, 2 runs guaranteed.

3.) Run order will be draw prior to the start of the contest. Teams must check in half hour before their runs.

4.) Participants (hunters) must hunt together behind the dog. Hunters must walk through the course. (No running is allowed) for either infraction you will get one warning, second warning will result 5 point penalty and 3rd will be disqualification.

5.) The hunt will begin from a designated area and only that start area. The hunt shall end when 3 birds are in the possession of the hunter, when 15 minutes has expired or a team or a single is out of shells, time will be add to score only if 3 birds are bagged.

6.) Each hunter will limit to use 3 shells or single hunter 6 shells. Doubles each hunter is required to shoot at least once in the event of a safety or trap the shell will deducted from the hunter with the most shells.

7.) Boundaries hunter may leave the field only to retrieve their dog. Dog must be back in to the field 2 minutes to prevent disqualification.

8.) All birds must be of the ground before and flying before they can be shot. No birds may be shot on the ground if a bird is shot in the ground you be disqualified.

9.) A dead bird from previous run will not count for any points.

10.) Pointers are expected to remain steady 3 seconds.

11.) All retrieve must be to hand to give full points.

12.) Judges may call a safety if they determine that the shot will endanger an observing party, or another hunter other than his own teammate or dog. If the bird remains in the hunter field only the flush or point will be score the bird will be treat. End as a normal planted bird. If the bird will not return to the field, full points for the retrieve bird will be given. Safeties may be requested by either hunter but will only be allowed at the discretion of judges. If a hunter shoots after the judge called a safety it may result in disqualification.

13.) Protest; you can only protest own run. Protest will be marked on the score sheet and signed by captain and judge.

14.) Judges will not be subjected to any abusive behavior of any kind period.

15.) Dog may no be called back to a bird is seen in front of the hunter but behind the dog. The hunter may go around the bird and hunt their dog back to the bird or they may wait for the dog to return to them with no verbal commands or hand signal.

16.) Dogs will be place on leash when the hunt has finished and will immediately proceed to the nearest border of their field by the most direct method, so as no to disturb any birds that remain on the field.

17.) All dogs must be on leash or boxed when not being hunted. Please keep you dog away from hunting areas.

18.) Dogs interfering in to hunting field will be disqualified

19.) If a dog catches a bird before point or flush will be 10 points deduction.

20.) Teams will not be permitted to view the bird plant prior to their run. Teams must be on the designated area before their hunt.

21.) Ties will be broken as follows:
(a.) Bird count
(b.) Point or flushes
(c.) Retrievals
(d.) Shell count
(E.) Time dog performance